Our Company

Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems is a world-class SaaS company based in Raleigh, NC with 90 employees. We have experienced growth upwards of 1600% and have helped top-tier lenders manage their under-performing assets more efficiently and effectively.


The company was founded in 2005 by Steve Norwood and Terry Groves, two software supply chain veterans, whose vision continues to drive the company’s success. From the beginning, Steve and Terry decided to leverage SaaS technology to revolutionize the repossession and remarketing industry. This vision manifests itself in our strict adherence to compliant service providers, flexible business models and a comprehensive set of services. We create transparency and control, thereby helping lenders manage their brand and optimize outcomes. We are unlike other industry players because we adapt to the lenders’ way of doing business and provide both software and services.

We have a long history of profitability. Our financial stability in the industry, makes us the partner of choice for many service providers such as repossession, skip trace, door knock and auction agents. This help us maintain the largest service provider network and ensures our standards for compliance are met. We continue to lead the market, with numerous industry and national awards.