Powerful ROI

We consistently deliver the industry’s highest recovery rate, locating and recovering more non-performing assets than any other service provider - reducing charge offs and the losses they can generate.  Our unique technology and certified Agent network enables us to have a recovery rate that is 10% to 15% higher and a cure rate that is 5% to 8% higher than the norm. These performance metrics translate into powerful ROI for lenders of all types; captives, banks, credit unions, and finance companies. 

Largest compliant agent network

We have the largest network of vetted, certified agents enabling us to collect assets as far away as Canada and Europe. These agents are skilled in repossessing a variety of assets; vehicles, boats, motor homes, medical equipment, yellow iron, large marine, aircraft and special assets from “cattle to tug boats”. These agents and our partners enable a large suite of services including; demand letters, door knock, skip trace, LPR and disposal.

Flexible business models

Our software platform adapts to the way you do business. Lenders can use the software to centrally manage distributed collection centers or storefronts, so each storefront can communicate with and manage a network of repossession agents. Alternatively, lenders can use the software to manage a large ecosystem of forwarders, including our forwarding services, along with other service providers, with each having their own respective network of agents. We give lenders an unprecedented degree of visibility and control into the repossession and remarketing process.