Flexible Business Models

We offer multiple business models that adapt to the way your work. Our software and services are flexible and available as full-service, self-service or a combination of the two (hybrid). 

  • Full Service

    In the full-service model, we provide turn-key service by combining our software with a comprehensive array of services. Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems acts as your forwarder. We distribute the case load based on zip code to a competing list of agents. The IBEAM dashboard gives lenders visibility as cases are assigned to a repossession agent, recovered, remarketed and closed. Email notifications are sent whenever as asset changes status, such as when an asset is recovered. Collaboration is easy, lenders can communicate with service providers such as agents and remarketers through the software. Every posting is assigned a different color based on which participant wrote the post. Lenders benefit by gaining control and saving staff resources that would normally manage workflow from assignment to remarketing.
  • Self Service

    Self-service customers license the IBEAM platform and use it manage their network of service providers. All the functionality of IBEAM, such as email notifications, messaging, electronic invoicing and auditing is available. Lenders add their own preferred network of agents, remarketers and manage cases using their own staff resources. With this approach, lenders benefit by leveraging technology to automate repossession and recovery.
  • Hybrid

    Lenders can also choose to use a combination of self-service and full-service. Our hybrid model, allows lenders to license the software and split assignments between themselves and Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems. For example, a lender may choose to manage cases in their state because they have direct relationship with local service providers and outsource all others cases to us. This approach enables lenders to maximize the functionality of the software and leverage existing relationships with service providers.